Bookkeeping Service

Meet with experienced Ecommerce Bookkeeper and Accountant with a wide range of knowledge on providing accounting bookkeeping service for Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, AliBaba, and AliExpress. We can be your amazon Bookkeeper, accountant, eCommerce assistant.

E-commerce Bookkeeping & Accounting is quite different from conventional bookkeeping and needs an experienced person who knows how to extract data from seller central and be able to calculate each order’s cost.

Services that we Offer:

  1. Set up accounting software for your business and integrate it with your online store.
  2. Extract Sales Data from Amazon Seller Central, Shopify, Ebay Seller Centre, etc.,
  3. Accounting of expenses such as FBA fees, Shipping Cost, Refund, Transaction Charges etc.
  4. Using apps like A2x and Synder and provide you SKU report so you can closely monitor on your inventory.
  5. Reconcile transactions with Bank Statements, Paypal, Credit card or any other payment gateway.
  6. Prepare Financial Statements such as Profit and loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow etc

 Why Should you Choose us?

 ★ Confidentiality of Financial Information of clients

 ★ Meeting deadlines of the deliverables

 ★ Your Satisfaction is Our First Priority

We look forward to working with you, please contact us so we can discuss your requirements.